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    • 2017. Supplied appointment certificate paper to Gyeongbuk Provincial Government and Andong City Hall
    • 2016. Supplied hanji to make book for Samgukyousa wood block printing project to Korean Studies Advancement Center
    • 2015~17. Supplied packing hanji to the Ministry of Government Administration
    • 2014.03 Produce and supplied hanji to restoration publication of Chojodaejanggyeong
    • 2013.03 Registered geographical indication of Andong Hanji,a Andong Hanji Festival
    • 2012.08 Hosted Andong Hanji Festival, the first Andong Hanji Craft Contest
    • 2011.10 Andong Hanji Festival
    • 2010. Attended the second Farming and Fishing fair, decorated G20 venue with Andong hanji, Andong Hanji Festival
    • 2010.09.10.~12 Gyeongbuk Hanji Cultural Festival
    • 2009.10.16.~18 Gyeongbuk Hanji Cultural Festival
    • 2008.10 Opened Andong Hanji Exhibition
    • 2008.09 Hosted Hanji Fashion Show at Seoul Unhyeon Palace
    • 2006.10Hanji Fashion Show at International Mask Dance Festival
    • 2005.08 Supplied hanji for photo print of the Tripitaka Koreana to Haeinsa in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam
    • 2005.06 Registered patent design for hanji wallpaper(3 cases)
    • 2005.03 Obtained patent for developing side grafting hanji, Baektoji. (no. 0481713 patent)
    • 2004.12 Supplied hanji for restoration of old documents to Seoul National Library.
    • 2003.08Designated as Andong specialty
    • 2001.11 Made national treasure no. 196 Sila Baekjjimuksseo Avatamsaka Sutra(restored paper from A.D 755) and supplied to Cultural Heritage Administration
    • 2001.10 Produced hanji for rubbing for Cheongju Early Printing Museum
    • 2001.06 Supplied hanji for rubbing Avatamska Sutra in Chonnam Gurye Hwaeomsa to The Research Institute of the Tripitaka Koreana
    • 2001.03 Used hanji for appointment letter for Andong City Hall officials and police officers
    • 2000.04Opened regular exhibition and hanji experience center
    • 1999.Planned to be visited by Queen Elizabeth II of England
    • 1994.Designated as Andong hanji specialty complex
    • 1990.Designated as farming and fishing sideline complex
    • 1988.08Founded Andong hanji factory
  • white rice paper, general rice paper for calligraphy A.
  • Window paper, Joongji, Unyongji,
    Piji for wallpaper, Misarasi unyongji
  • Backing paper for backing scroll, lacquered paper
  • book paper for making books
  • Embossed paper for
    luxurious interior
  • no. 100 and 102 paper for professional painter.
  • We produce total 70 types of hanji including colored hanji for hanji
    crafts or packing,
  • Donghwasa no.2 Seokguram : Rice paper
  • Gyeongju Bulguksa : Samyukji
  • Andong University Art School : Drawing paper for oriental painting
  • Paper cultural asset preservation lab : Oebalbaekdaksunji
  • Jeongjae cultural asset preservation lab : Baekdaksunji
  • National Police Agency : Award certificate and appointment certificate made in hanji
  • Research Institute of the Tripitaka Koreana : Hanji for restoring inscription of "Gurye Hwaeomsa Avatamska Sutra", the national treasure no. 1040

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