Characteristics of Andong hanji

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Characteristics of Andong hanji

Andong hanji is made up of paper mulberry grew in Korea and abundant water of Andong with craftsmanship of experienced technician in traditional method. Its quality is excellent and the scale is largest in Korea.

Andong hanji supplied its special hanji to Donghwasa no.2 Seokguram(rice paper), Gyeongju Bulguksa (Samyukji), Andong University Art School (Drawing paper for oriental painting), Paper cultural asset preservation lab (Oebalbaekdaksunji), Jeongjae cultural asset preservation lab(Baekdaksunji),

Also, we have supplied award certificate and appointment certificate made in hanji to National Police Agency from April 2001, supplied hanji for Research Institute of the Tripitaka Koreana to restore the inscription of "Gurye Hwaeomsa Avatamska Sutra", the national treasure no. 1040.

Paper from Unified Silla that is preserved for long time like Great Dharani Sutra of Immaculate and Pure Light, in other words "Avatamsaka Sutra"

written with ink on paper mulberry paper on A.D 754 is the best historic record in Korea. On December 26, 2001, after 2 years of restoration of Silla Baekji Mukseo Avatamsaka Sutra, the national treasure no.196 exhibited in Hoam Art Museum, it was presented to Daejeon Cultural Heritage Administration Also, Incheon Airport Korean Air VIP room displays dak paper doll ad hanji drawings using hanji made by Andong Hanji.

Andong Hanji selected as Andong specialty on August 2003 provides an experience program to make hanji at inside factory to pass down our tradition and improve learning effect. At , traditional hanji crafts, dak paper doll, paper arts, hanji fashion and calligraphy. Andong Hanji providing various attractions with breath of our ancestors and a place of learning, it is now a tourist attraction of Andong.

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