Exhibition, Experience Center

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Exhibition, Experience Center

Andong Hanji Exhibition, Experience Center

Shimwoo experience center

Breathing hanji, connecting the nature and man. At Shimwoo experience center, you can make hanji mask, hanji patterns, scholar's gat, and old book.

Kim Chun Hwa Natural Dye

Seol Young Su craft shop exhibition shop

Hoonminjeongeum Cafe

Hoonminjeongeum Cafe is a franchise cafe opened under the theme of Hangul, Korean language to spread the cultural asset value of Hoonminjeongeum and renew the recognition of Hangul, the cultural heritage of our people.

Yeonhwa Crafts Hall

Customer Center


Open 365 days a year 09:00~18:00
lunch time 12:00~13:00

Deposit Information

Nonghyup : 707118-56-038324

A deposit holder : Lee Byeongseop

Andong Hanji

Company Name. Andong Hanji
address. 13 Nabaugil Pungsan-eup Andong,Gyeongsangbuk-do (Sosan-ri 36-1)
Company No. 508-04-64660 ceo. Lee Byeongseop tel. 054-858-7007 fax. 054-858-7806
email. daknamu25@hanmail.net

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