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Thank you for visiting Andong Hanji website.

We will do our best to provide various attractions to feel and experience everything about best quality Hanji from its production that satisfies needs of consumer.

Andong Hanji, which is located at the entrance of Hahoe Village which well preserved traditional life style and culture of our ancestors, have put best effort to make traditional hanji that contains spirit and beauty of our own culture.

Andong Hanji has become a tourist attraction of Andong providing various attractions for tourists and learning spot to students with spirit of our ancestors.

We will always research and do our best to make better pure hanji by pursuing the best quality.

- Sincerely, Andong Hanji-

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Nonghyup : 707118-56-038324

A deposit holder : Lee Byeongseop

Andong Hanji

Company Name. Andong Hanji
address. 13 Nabaugil Pungsan-eup Andong,Gyeongsangbuk-do (Sosan-ri 36-1)
Company No. 508-04-64660 ceo. Lee Byeongseop tel. 054-858-7007 fax. 054-858-7806

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