Introduction of Andong Hanji

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Introduction of Andong Hanji

Our paper is the best! The place which Queen Elizabeth II visited! Traditional hanji that everlasts!
Our own traditional hanji made up of pure paper mulberry bark grew in Korea.

We have hanji experience center to make traditional hanji, and hanji crafts exhibition that are made with dak paper.
The place with charming attractions! Welcome to Andong Hanji!

Five colored hanji 『Sales exhibition center』
『Hanji experience center』 to make hanji
『Hanji crafts exhibition center』 with crafts made with hanji
『Crafts sales exhibition center』 with the best hanji crafts good for souvenir and gift
You can tour around the production line of hanji and see the details of making process of Andong hanji.
We recommend our attraction for group field trip for students.

Customer Center


Open 365 days a year 09:00~18:00
lunch time 12:00~13:00

Deposit Information

Nonghyup : 707118-56-038324

A deposit holder : Lee Byeongseop

Andong Hanji

Company Name. Andong Hanji
address. 13 Nabaugil Pungsan-eup Andong,Gyeongsangbuk-do (Sosan-ri 36-1)
Company No. 508-04-64660 ceo. Lee Byeongseop tel. 054-858-7007 fax. 054-858-7806

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